UKE 248 History


DUKE is a RH, UK car, originally grey, but resprayed red when re-built in the 1990s. I recently received an email from Dennis, a previous owner of UKE. He obviously remembers it with fondness as can be seen from the text:

Hi Nev,
I have dug these old photo's out of UKE. The side and head on shot were taken fifty years ago when I was a mere 21!, the wife to be then was only 19 though!!
The photo in the car park was at Sleaford, Lincolnshire, she was getting admiring looks even then! From memory it was at the start of a local car club rally, note the number on the off side wing and the additional spot lamp and sign post lamp on the screen pillar. The photo's were taken in 1962/3. Hope to be in touch with you in the future, Don't you dare sell her without letting us know first!!!
Kindest regards
Dennis and Rosie

I became the 9th owner when I bought the car in 2008 through Peter Edney, an MG dealer, in the south of England, who was acting on behalf of the owner, Michael Beauchamp of Basildon.

UKE had been substantially re-furbished and prepared for long-distance European motoring over the pre-ceding years and so is fitted with a 5-speed gearbox, modern HT electrics and a lead-free cylinder head.