FLG 366F History


First thing to note is FLG's end-registration letter [ F ], which in UK terms means it was built in 1968. Nothing unusual in that except AH 3000 production officially ceased in 1967.

I have spent some time trying to find out why that should be, as the car is listed as first registered on March 13th 1968 around the time the last production 3000's of 1967 were being sent out of the factory to the Austin dealers.

I bought FLG on 13th March 2011 from Brian Kitching of Eagescliffe Teeside. He bought the car from Neil Simpson in 2006. Neil had spent many years rebuilding the car in the 1980s and the receipts confirm an enormous spend.

Back in those days records of changes were not so well kept and indeed the true identity of FLG seems to have become confused at that time.

FLG has a Heritage Certificate based on the present associated chassis number, but this can only be verified with a hand-written line on a very early MoT certificate and the given chassis number is linked to a car built in 1962.

Having virtually re-built the whole car now, I can see that the refurbishment in the 1980s was based on the car for which the heritage certificate exists and the car was re-registered with a '68 plate more as trying to tie it in with Mk111 BJ8 style than anything else.

The 2016-18 refurbishment means I have completed the 'upgrade' so that the car is matching and not a hotch-poch of era/styles which just did not fit..